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11n vs. 150M and 300M internal battle cost the king

If the wireless network in the world is divided into two halves, half of which must be as bright as the example of clashes between 3G, while the other half is as quiet as the water gently WiFi. Compared to high-profile 3G, WiFi in the world is always so calm, so the alarm, but that calm does not mean that WiFi in silence, it is ready, waiting for overnight success.

Then in 2009 what the world highlights WiFi? The answer is the 150M, as the IEEE 802.11n standard rate under a standard, it appears not only broke the WiFi world peace, to break the monopoly of 300M. 150M capabilities then what? It is not a lot of people in the "non-mainstream" speed standards? We will duel it 300M to tell you the answer, to tell you who is the king of cost-11n world.

Rectification of names for the 150M it is definitely not "non-mainstream"

150M really is a "non-mainstream" it? Is not true, although many users of traditional values, 802.11n represents the 300M, 300M also represents the 11n, but this is not true, according to IEEE official description, 11n standard was actually For four speed grades, that is, 150M, 300M, 450M and 600M, 150M so that is definitely not "non-mainstream."

150M has been the rectification of names, it's the actual performance of what? It how big the gap 300M? 150M and 300M Who is more worth buying? The answer will duel in the following test revealed for you 11.

Test Content:

The duel will be divided into entry-level product duel, the mainstream level and enterprise-level products products duel duel. In each duel, 150M and 300M will be a wireless router as representatives of parties to participate. Rate test items include single-threaded test, multi-threaded rate testing, and proficiency test signal through walls.

Test method:

Single, multi-threaded test: We will test this by NetIQ Chariot software, wireless routing, single entry (more) pair throughput capacity, with intuitive data show their strength.

Wall proficiency test: we also by NetIQ Chariot software to test, but in the test side and wireless routing separated by a load-bearing walls.

Successful completion of preparatory work, like the wonderful example of clashes between test immediately start, the first duel: the entry-level. Entry-level duel: FAST FW150R VS TP-LINK TL-WR841N

150M Representative: FAST FW150R

FAST FW150R is a quick launch of its latest 150M wireless router, its body is very small, the overall design simple and fashionable; it supports the IEEE 802.11n, IEEE 802.11g, IEEE 802.11b and other standards, theoretical maximum data transfer rate of 150Mbps . With its strength, it is rapidly becoming the entry-level leader in the 150M wireless router. Market Price: 108 yuan

300M Representative: TP-LINK TL-WR841N

TP-LINK TL-WR841N wireless router set wired / wireless in one, the overall shape the same simple fashion; it is consistent with IEEE 802.11n (draft standard), IEEE 802.11g, IEEE 802.11b and other standards, the maximum wireless transfer rate up to 300Mbps; it 300M wireless router is the entry-level representatives of the classic. Market Price: 215 yuan

Vs. single-threaded test start:

FW150R: 60.360Mbps TL-WR841N: 59.334Mbps

Multithreaded Test:

FW150R: 74.123Mbps TL-WR841N: 78.362Mbps

Wall Test:

FW150R: 25.404Mbps TL-WR841N: 34.362Mbps

Summary: Gap 150M little more cost-effective

Comparison test by the three we can see, 150M and 300M for the overall gap is very small, even in single-threaded test results over the 300M, 150M's performance is excellent. On the whole, 150M 300M product's performance is about 90% of the product, the price of the former is only 50% of the latter, cost-effective at a glance. Therefore, the duel in the entry-level products, 150M win. Vs. flow-level products: Tenda W311R VS ASUS RT-N11 +

150M: Tenda W311R

Tenda W311R's a classic 150M wireless router, which uses both gray and white color design, stylish looks generous, modern full. It supports IEEE 802.11n, IEEE 802.11g, IEEE 802.11b and other standards, theoretical maximum data transfer rate of 150Mbps. Since its launch, it has been a majority of the customers and become one of the products of choice for mainstream users. Market Price: 130 yuan


ASUS RT-N11 + is the latest of a 300M wireless router, which uses the white of the design style, demonstrates the high-end products temperament; it supports the IEEE 802.11n, IEEE 802.11g, IEEE 802.11b and other standards; Because of its superior performance, it is available soon on board the "speed king" of the throne and become the absolute representative of 300M. Market Price: 285 yuan

Vs. single-threaded test start:

W311R: 53.417Mbps RT-N11 +: 72.675Mbps

Multithreaded Test:

W311R: 79.237Mbps RT-N11 +: 89.434Mbps

Wall Test:

W311R: 25.620Mbps RT-N11 +: 33.328Mbps

Summary: 300M 150M strength was more cost-effective

Comparison test in the mainstream products, we see a strong representative 300M strength, ASUS RT-N11 +'s performance does have a good style of the King. Tenda W311R with it, but the gap is not too great, one of only a difference of up to 19Mbps, the same satisfactory performance, taking into account the W311R price of only 130 yuan, the same cost advantage is obvious. Therefore, the duel of the mainstream products, 150M of the cost the same than 300M. Vs. Enterprise Product: Belkin F6D4230zh4 VS NETGEAR WNR2000

Belkin F6D4230zh4

F6D4230zh4 is Belkin's of a classic 150M wireless router, which uses a piano paint, frosted panel, and feel very good material, when people first get our hands on a kind of love the feel. It supports IEEE 802.11n, IEEE 802.11g, IEEE 802.11b and other standards, theoretical maximum data transfer rate of 150Mbps. Since its launch, it has by virtue of superior performance by the many high-end enterprise-class users of all ages, a classic market. Market Price: 398 yuan


WNR2000 NETGEAR's is an "alternative" in the 300M wireless router, which uses black piano paint materials, which is the traditional "white gold family" style is completely different. Although the appearance has changed, but it still maintains the performance advantages of NETGEAR in the industry, working with NETGEAR products also uphold the fine. It supports IEEE 802.11n, IEEE 802.11g / b standard, the maximum theoretical transfer rate of 300Mbps. Its overall performance is outstanding, you can easily respond to the diverse needs of enterprise customers. Market Price: 550

Vs. single-threaded test start:

F6D4230zh4: 51.319Mbps WNR2000: 65.250Mbps

Multithreaded Test:

F6D4230zh4: 52.076Mbps WNR2000: 87.322Mbps

Wall Test:

F6D4230zh4: 27.438Mbps WNR2000: 33.328Mbps

Summary: very cost-effective performance are excellent

Enterprise-class products in the test, 150M and 300M fierce competition until the final winner of a failed test, both performed satisfactorily. For small business-class customers, Belkin F6D4230zh4 is definitely a good choice; while for medium and large enterprise users, the NETGEAR WNR2000 is the best partner. Comprehensive view, in this round duel, 150M and 300M to fight and.

Summary: 150M subtle performance the best choice for home users

After three rounds of the confrontation, we want to applaud the performance of 150M wonderful product, although it is less than 300M products in terms of speed, but the gap is very small with the overall performance of the product can reach 300M 80%, this performance is indeed praiseworthy; 150M product that taking into account the low price (about 300M price of 50%), can be said that 150M is a well-deserved cost 11n king. 11n be popular in the era of modern family if you are a user, if you are in need of a wireless network products that 150M is definitely your best choice because it is the new "king of cost-effective."

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VBScript Pattern Properties

Pattern Properties

Sets or returns the regular expression search mode.

object.Pattern [= searchstring]


Required. Is always a RegExp object variable.


Available options. By regular string expression search. It may contain some form to set the regular expression in a variety of characters.

Set up

In writing the regular expression pattern used special characters and sequences. The following table describes the characters and sequences can be used, and gives examples.

Character Description
Will be the next character is marked as a special character or literal. For example, with the character n n match. n with newline matches. Sequence \ and match, (and (match.
^ Matches the beginning of the input.
$ Matches the end.
* Matches the preceding character zero or a few times. For example, zo * matches z, zoo.
+ Matches one or more times the previous character. For example, zo + can match the zoo, but does not match the z.
? Match the previous character zero or one. For example, a? Ve? Can never match the ve.
. Matches any character other than newline.
(Pattern) and pattern matching and remember the match. Matched substring can be as a result of the Matches collection using the Item [0 ]...[ n] to obtain. To match parentheses characters (and), use (or).
x | y matches x or y. For example, z | food can match the z or food. (Z | f) oo match the zoo or the food.
(N) n non-negative integers. Match exactly n times. For example, o (2) can not be matched with Bob in the o, but can foooood o in the first two matches.
(N,) n non-negative integers. Match at least n times. For example, o (2,) does not match Bob's o, but the match foooood all of the o. o (1,) is equivalent to o +. o (0,) is equivalent to o *.
(N, m) m and n non-negative integers. Match at least n times, at most m times. For example, o (1,3) matches fooooood in the first three o. o (0,1) is equivalent to o?.
[Xyz] A character set. And one of the characters in parentheses matching. For example, [abc] matches the plain in a.
[^ Xyz] A negative character set. This does not match any character in brackets. For example, [^ abc] can match the plain in the p.
[A-z] that a range of characters. Within the specified range matches any character. For example, [az] match between a and z any lowercase characters.
[^ M-z] in the negative range characters. And not in the specified range of characters matched. For example, [mz] m to z and not on any of the characters between the matches.
b and the word boundary matching, that is, the location between the words and spaces. For example, erb er and never in the match, but does not match the verb in the er.
B and non-word boundary matching. ea * rB and never early match in the ear.
d with a number of character match. Is equivalent to [0-9].
D matches with non-numeric characters. Is equivalent to [^ 0-9].
f and page breaks match.
match n with newline characters.
r and carriage return characters match.
s matches any white characters, including spaces, tabs, page breaks and so on. Is equivalent to [fnrtv].
S and any non-blank character match. Is equivalent to [^ fnrtv].
t match with the tab.
match v with vertical tabs.
w matches any word character including underscore. Is equivalent to [A-Za-z0-9_].
W matches any non-word character. Is equivalent to [^ A-Za-z0-9_].
num num match, of which num is a positive integer. Reference back to remembered matches. For example, (.) 1 matches two consecutive identical characters.
n match n, where n is an octal escape value. Octal escape values must be 1, 2 or 3 digits long. For example, 11 and 011 are matched with a tab. 0011 is equivalent to 001 and 1. Octal escape values must not exceed 256. Otherwise, only the first two characters are treated as part of an expression. Allows the use of regular expressions ASCII code.
xn match n, where n is a hexadecimal escape value. Hexadecimal escape values must be exactly two digits long. For example, x41 Match A. x041 is equivalent to the x04 and 1. Allows the use of regular expressions ASCII code.


The following code illustrates the use of Pattern attributes:

Function RegExpTest (patrn, strng) Dim regEx, Match, Matches''to establish variable. Set regEx = New RegExp''to establish a general expression. regEx.Pattern = patrn''set the pattern. regEx.IgnoreCase = True''settings are case-sensitive. regEx.Global = True''set the global availability. set Matches = regEx.Execute (string)''Repeat match set RegExpTest = regEx.Execute (strng)''perform a search. for each match in matches''Repeat match set RetStr = RetStr & Match found at position RetStr = RetStr & Match.FirstIndex &. Match Value is''RetStr = RetStr & Match.Value &''.& vbCRLF NextRegExpTest = RetStrEnd FunctionMsgBox (RegExpTest (is., IS1 is2 IS3 is4))

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BI 2.0, completely changed the way the work of five revolutions

Business Intelligence (BI) sector is in the evolution period. In the past 15 years, the industry has become worth billions of dollars to create the industry, many of whom are operating managed, growing company.

BI is the enterprise software market, today's most exciting one of the areas, but the industry is changing. Cake bigger and bigger, more and more by the large number of user applications is becoming mission-critical elements to complete. Therefore, the user's needs and BI ecosystems are experiencing simultaneous growth.

In addition, over the past few years, technology use, whether in business or in the consumer world, have undergone significant changes. All of this will have a tremendous impact, in the BI market to create a lot of opportunities.

You must have heard of Web 2.0. Behind the well-known term in the Internet is undergoing fundamental change. The introduction of Web 2.0 to Web as a platform again become clear, let the user experience completely changed the commitments possible. Web 2.0 generally considered a consumer phenomenon, but its real impact is in the enterprises.

Because of these changes, BI will in the next few years undergoing a fundamental change. BI is about to begin a new era, which I call BI 2.0 is the reason why.

BI 1.0 has brought important benefits for the company to allow them to better manage their business. But the BI industry is far from mature, there are many unknowns. In the future, it will be a large range of opportunities for the user.

I believe that business intelligence industry will experience five major revolution in the next five years to achieve transformation.

- User Revolution

- Platform Revolution

- Network Revolution

- Application of the revolution

- Community Revolution

User revolution

The user is the center of revolution. This revolution involves the simplification of the limited patience, and ubiquitous.

We want simplification! We are complex matters can not stand, Ipods only one button, instead of several scattered technologies originally required by the three complex systems (PC, VCR and CD / DVD player) for processing. Simple Google search interface, using only the control buttons, drop-down menu provides the computer's browsing history project.

We can not have the patience! We are always looking for something right away can bring satisfaction. We'll soon be, not later. Instant messaging on the phone, BlackBerry instant e-mail, iPod's quick music downloads, watch TV through the Tivo program ... ... what we have not patience. If we can get something right away, why wait?

We also hope to have products for everyone! We look everywhere. Everyone wants the best things. Good technology should not be a privilege. Everyone at home can have mobile phones, eight children from the beginning ... ....

Nevertheless, the consumer revolution taking place in the world have not yet reached the business world. In fact, the gap is widening. Consumer technology has become more streamlined, more ease of use, and business systems is increasing its complexity. Internet has brought many benefits to consumers, but commercial software users, has brought a general disappointment. User interface in general, more slowly, poor mobility, the user experience frustrating.

But the user is the same in the office to complete a cost report brains of people, is to use Google to buy theater tickets, chat with friends through the computer the same group of people. Wait a few years, when the new generation into the world of work, the pace of this revolution will accelerate. Prepare a new generation of professional people only know what we call "new technology", while others are ignorant, they not only need to simplify and streamline look.

User revolution will affect business intelligence?

BI will be greatly simplified. The most frequent tasks will benefit from the highly simplified interface. Information will pass through the new channels become more realistic and more intuitive. Look at new product Crystal Xcelsius, you can understand what the future holds.

Everyone wants to get this product, it will be such a product. We will gradually achieve the goal of ubiquitous. An employee, is a BI system. Information consumption will be the working environment an integral part.

BI will be any time of day, on-demand to a user's device. No need to wait by the computer, handheld devices will be a BI platform.

This is the user revolution. The revolution started from consumers, will soon enter the commercial sector. Business Objects has ready to go in the forefront of this revolution.

Platform Revolution

Will the basic structure of a single standardized.

According to analysts of the survey results, is now commonly used by Global 2000 companies 5-15 different business intelligence tools, and sometimes reach 20 species. This situation will not be able to continue because this generated a lot of questions:

- First, the total cost of ownership, whether from the point of view, are too high

o According to Forrester Research Inc. survey generally felt that the software costs 40% -75% or more, the hardware cost is generally 15% -30% or more, the cost of management is generally believed that more than 30%, if the use of multiple BI products , end-user training costs will be quite considerable.

- Second, using a variety of tools, can not create a coherent information system across the entire enterprise.

o "real" there will be multiple versions of information

o information is stored in different departments or functions of the body and can not communicate

o In fact, the performance of the company not to consider the establishment of common standards

- Third, the dependence of small providers to bring a number of risks for the company

o BI market is in fairly quickly reorganized, which means that a large number of small software vendors will no longer exist, their products will be eliminated. After technical support, customers have no more choice but to look for a support side, it takes a considerable cost, and customer satisfaction will be significantly decreased.

Companies are rationalizing provider, will become a long list of suppliers only a few short list of strategic partners.

BI Standardization will focus on purely provider to achieve, why not?

Only to ensure cross-platform access, free from the constraints over the underlying system, standardization to achieve its value.

Companies generally have 5-7 different types of database systems, they need to run hundreds or even thousands of applications, which are only a small part of the scope of ERP type applications.

Run only one database, or use only one application group to achieve the best results when the BI system can never reach the level required by the Company values.

This BI system also will not be ISV / OEM industry, owing to this group created the application, always trying to run the largest number of databases and procedures for the environment should be.

Standardization will come, and has opened the curtain.

To the largest U.S. insurance company Allstate personal physical example. AllState decided to standardize by Business Objects, AllState now have a single platform to handle a variety of business applications, a variety of these services, such as deception detection, of the complaint, the Registration Report. In the case of Hurricane Katrina, Business Objects in the rapid and timely payment of compensation to the victims played a key role.

Another example is the world's largest financial services company Morgan Stanley. In its retail brokerage business using Business Objects, to achieve a 360-degree control of the business and improve revenue per customer. 15,000 financial advisers to use Business Objects to improve customer service, improve the professional level.

Platform revolution in progress, we hope to the forefront.

Network Revolution

Parallel with the user revolution, is the network revolution. Today, the Internet has become a powerful tool for personal access to knowledge, but the network functions as a business tool is still far from being achieved.

This is mainly because the accuracy of network data and network information on lack of duplication, as well as the fact that, in most cases, the company only for internal use BI.

Lack of accuracy

Search engine is to create a cumulative form of personal wisdom. We can access various forms of information to enhance our personal knowledge. If you want to go to the theater in the way, about "Giovanni," the story outline, you can go on the road, sitting in a taxi, browsing through the BlackBerry smartphone Synopsis, you can update the memory, reading Mozart all pass. Of course, in your organization, you will become the culture of the most knowledgeable people.

Therefore, this method is very useful, most people would love to win.

However, if you need to develop important business decisions, can only depend on static pages retrieved by the results obtained? In most cases not so, CEOs need accuracy, they only need an answer, not ordered by a Web page received thousands of algorithms answer.

For personal use terms, obtained by static search results pages is not a problem, as long as the results are correct, very good. The contents of the Mozart, not entirely accurate, as long as can give your friends impressed, enough.

However, if you need to share data submitted to the Board, if not reach 100% accurate, can it work?

Information duplication

Another problem today is unlimited duplication of information, just imagine that in many places, many times using the information about your company's financial information, we can prove it. In the analysis, in the data throughout the company's EXCEL table, the market research firm reports. Most of the content of these materials is to re-type the information the results, the best is to copy and paste. Think about your company's headquarters address is repeated countless times, if your company changes address what happens? All this information will immediately become invalid.

Duplication of information is clearly brought to the hardware vendor a good income, of course, the database and storage software company, but the company concerned, from the ideal state are still far away.

In the end consumers that already have a solution, such as Plaxo or Linkedin, these products can automatically synchronize outlook address book. But in the business community, has no such products.

Focus on the internal use of business intelligence

Finally, the company is basically limited to the use of business intelligence within their own context. Although the BI extranet in the past five years has become quite popular, but the vast majority of data stored in company database for internal use only, almost all of the BI application, only the data generated within the excavation.

Business requires a completely different model, using the information in the Internet. This model can constitute a global network of business intelligence.

In such a global network, companies can access the Internet a trusted repository of information. One way to achieve this functionality, an enterprise can use their own BI applications, mixed internal and external data.

Reliable sources of information

Global network must have a reliable source of information, these sources should be marked with the watermark and is dependable. So if you want information about the industry's market share, you can trust through a market research firm access to data. If you want to know a company's financial information, you can trust from the investment banks access to this information. If you want to compare with the performance of a company with business situation, you can get from a strategic consulting firm analysis of the performance.

... Through the public knowledge base to obtain the necessary

These information resources can be located through an Internet access to global knowledge base. Therefore, the user can select from a set of information resources and the combination, some of the information is free, while others charge for.

... By way of providing BI services, integrated into the internal BI applications

You ask the question, what this means novelty? Today, many information resources already exist, but most of the information can only be obtained through the website, or through EXCEL or PDF report generation process, and some time as a data entry. In the future, this information is obtained through BI services, so that information is always online, only with situations and time. More importantly, the information can be integrated directly into the internal BI applications without having to re-create these in-house information. This approach will eliminate manual data replication, greatly reducing storage requirements, eradication of a large number of error sources and information that is inaccurate.

In the Business Objects company, our mission is to lead the network business intelligence revolution, developed to provide standards on the Internet.

Application of the revolution

Enterprise applications, is generally considered a traditional packaged application suite, that is, ERP, CRM or SCM applications systems.

These systems provide the basic functions of that? Basically they can achieve the existing business processes, or an existing feature of automation, most of these programs are based on things to deal with.

For example, CRM system, one of the most common application is the Sales Force Automation. With this program, the company can achieve sales automation and customer interaction. This brought the company considerable value, especially companies can interact with the program save all the information. Activities for a customer sales information, sales staff left the company, will be completely preserved.

But more and more companies are packaged application suite near the end of the implementation stage, or at least at this stage: they are clearly in the implementation of the completion of what can be, not what.

Under normal circumstances, the conclusion is that they have now completed the transaction automation. Indeed, the previously completed by the officer in front of most of the task has been automated.

Of course, the promise of these applications has been far greater, ERP can be run to provide a unified view of enterprise, CRM customers can observe the ... ... 360, but these promises did not materialize.

Also, when more and more companies are installing their own version of the transaction processing procedures, it is difficult to highlight its competitive advantage. Now, this has become an indisputable fact.

Therefore, some companies now recognize that it is not enough light to do so. Elsewhere there must be something more valuable to seek competitive advantage is no longer using the ERP. The idea began in the top of the organization in the promotion of your company higher, the more you do not need to automate the contrary, you really need more of a vision.

Sales Manager required an application to control the performance of subordinate account manager, sales and other regional and industry best practices to compare, analyze the root causes of performance more accurately predict the business and take the necessary action based on an analysis .

It is precisely because of this reason, the application providers eager to increase their application of basic business intelligence features, the most common operation is the basic reporting capabilities. However, these functions can only provide these values.

Value is transferred to the analysis from the transaction up. The future, the most important applications will no longer be a traditional packaged application, but a new form of business applications, focusing on analysis and information. In the future, these applications will become an important driver of performance.

These applications are no longer just the company's existing standards to support the process, but will focus on the business activities are in progress, sometimes also concerned about a strategic move. Will no longer use the Sales Force Automation program, but use Channel Effectiveness, to follow the ongoing operational activities. Like quality improvement or customer to maintain such strategic initiatives will be supported by these applications.

The characteristics of these applications are many:

1) The new application can search multiple information sources, not only in the ERP system to search, including hundreds or thousands of applications, but these procedures are not in the business within the scope of ERP. New applications can not only search for information resources within the company, you can also search for resources outside the company.

2) The new application will rely on a strong platform, a mixture of the best business intelligence tools, performance management solutions and analysis of components, from basic reporting to the management strategy formation. Everything, are forecast to achieve a high-end simulation.

3) The type we call business intelligence, operations, Ying Yong program will immediately enter operational data, the program not only for analysis, mission complete specific De Jing Ying, Ru Qi Ye planning, and also to the insight into the basis of specific, start some of the Hang Dong .

4) The special significance of an enterprise's business activities, the application can be vertically oriented, and sometimes the depth of customization can be achieved.

5) Finally, these procedures can often be as a service provider. Customers no longer need to have these applications, the program has a party can be a software vendor, can also be an application integrator. This approach would greatly reduce the cost of ownership for these applications, the scope will become more widely used.

Today, Business Objects has launched the application of the revolution launched in the areas of retail Trade Spent Effectiveness program. We also with many applications providers and systems integrators to partner to design more such applications.

Our goal is to define the next generation of applications.

Community Revolution

Finally, Web 2.0 is one of the core can give full play to the direction of online content creation side, as users have the power:

- Blogs: blog so that people can more easily publish information online to receive this information feedback.

- Wikis: allow people to create content in a participatory manner. Wikipedia is in this way, every day thousands of users involved in the creation of the online encyclopedia.

- Folksonomic tagging: allows Internet users to categorize content such as web pages, online photographs, and network connections. Such as Flickr and this site, users can share and tag their photos, in order to achieve better sharing and retrieval results.

Finally, Web 2.0 is a core concept of the wisdom of the majority of people will add more than a few people. "New Yorker" magazine columnist James - Surowiecki in his book, this can easily bring confusion to explore the simple concept: add a large group of people smarter than an elite minority, whether elite How brilliant. Whether to solve the problem or make informed decisions, the concept is very applicable. This is also known as "wisdom of the masses."

Surowiecki provides the best example is called "Big Spender" television program, when a candidate for the production confusion on an issue, they can give expert advice to friends or the audience. The results show that the audience is almost always right, their approach better than the experts recommend.

So this idea and what kind of business relationship? It is clear that every decision about the value of the company are the crystallization of collective wisdom. However, the company's very difficult to gauge how best to build the wisdom to achieve a multiplier effect.

Therefore, a key factor in competitiveness is the company's ability to manage this new type of collective wisdom.

Business Intelligence in the realization of collective wisdom, will play an important role.

Access to Information

In the next area of business intelligence information received, the new network technology will play an increasingly important role. Search is one of the ways to access information. To date, the structural model has dominated the business intelligence world. With the popularity of Google and Yahoo, and everyone can use the search way to get consumer information. Retrieval methods can be implanted into the business intelligence, access to the data as a new standard method.

Second, the marking will also become a way the user classification information. Users no longer rely solely on the information into the BI administrator for the position, they can own hands, reports and information on add tags. In this way, information retrieval will become more convenient, as users of sites like flickr did.

Reliable data sources

Wiki types of ways to achieve online collaboration, in particular to increase the background information, increasing information accuracy. Former chief operating officer of Oracle, is now venture capitalist Ray - Ryan, recently gave a description, if he could interview each salesperson's sales figures on their individual comments made by then, Wiki type system will allow his sales have a better sense of prediction.

As early as the first version 6.0 release, Business Objects would have been the first to try to add a comment on the report of this feature. With this feature, users can collaborate online.

Allow all parties to provide evidence of data is an important factor to ensure data quality. Use of technology such as RSS input, you can connect people and data in real time. Without experience of such technology data staging process, there would be no increase in waiting time, the resulting error will not.

There, not just from people searching for answers from the data

From the database to find the right's answer is very difficult, we all know, over the past fifteen years, we are all together trying to gives the example Biande easy and Zhunque as possible, but we still Haihui keep on trying. The future, we not only experts in the fields where IT can help, hundreds of users will cooperate. Through the "wisdom of the masses," the most direct application of law, business intelligence system can not only gather information from business users can also collect information from the system itself. For example, a vice president hoping for this answer to the question, "Compared with our second competition, the last quarter we gained market?", The most likely situation is that the IT department and wait for someone calculations than he could from the house where a group of users faster and more accurate answers.

The power of community

Finally, business intelligence will increase the power of the user community to develop a more analytical applications. Users will be developers, rather than just consumers of information and applications. Business Intelligence is moving in the form of component-based development of more and more dependent on service-oriented architecture, developers must create applications based on a lot of resources. Analysis of these procedures is a function of the application, not only to use some of the business intelligence components, but also combined with some other technologies (such as Google Maps, Skype API, and many other types of technology) ....

I believe the community will soon start the revolution, Business Objects company will once again stand in the forefront of this revolution in the business intelligence space to promote the Web 2.0 technology.


In summary, the business intelligence industry in the next few years will be the most remarkable industry. In the future, BI 2.0 will be the formation of the new company a competitive force at the core.

The past fifteen years, we lead the development of modern business intelligence industry, and in the past decade into a number of core innovation. It has gone through major changes in the baptism, we will continue to shape the industry.

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Saturday, September 25, 2010

e-cology in the Pan Micro Series 14

Customer sales process at a glance: customers from invalid, based on the entire process of tracking the potential to succeed

Only when the customer sales process is complete and consistent, can become ineffective customer base and prospective customers; through the entire sales process, customer analysis, so that we know customers in this work, we have to do anything , we have our advantages compared with competitors, where? The past, many companies sell to customers during the sales staff have been installed in mind, if you want to obtain such detailed information about the sales process, it will become very difficult and impossible.

Pan Micro requires that all sales staff and agents must contact the relevant customer record keeping to the appropriate card, so as to ensure the company's control of all customer data and effective tracking.

For example: In the pan-micro, generally clients are from a preliminary understanding of the Pan-micro-site products, and the trial by submitting the relevant applications into the pan micro collaborative commerce system, this time the customer information and present information in the future will be logged and tracking. First Pan-Micro's customer service staff access to customer information systems audit, a preliminary resolution that the value of customer Weaver; If it is a good customer, then the region will be in accordance with the relevant sales personnel assigned to the hands of, say, The customer is Beijing, then Beijing's client manager the first time get this information and get in touch with the customer, then customer status is "invalid."

Beijing's initial sales to customers of telephone and email, know the customer's needs and put my in action Jihua; course, all these in the e-cology Shang Wan Cheng. If the client manager that the customer great value and there is similar demand for our products, then the client card in this press a button to apply for this state change, then the customer's status will be turned into "basic" customers .

Once the customer needs and our product demo and explain the program, the customer will become pan-micro's "potential client", a potential customer's data will automatically enter the gateway sales manager, sales manager will learn the first time all potential customers throughout the company's information, and to assist the account manager for the Beijing to provide more professional services and consulting.

Eventually the customers choose the pan-micro, then the client from the "potential" change to a "successful", all successful customers will have the relevant contracts. The next step is on the client's project implementation and long service.

In Weaver, as the account manager and sales manager can easily understand the company's real-time accounts of all customers

Accounts analysis. Because the client module and financial modules interconnected, so when the time card by the customer, invoices and related payments to be displayed, so much the convenience of the finance staff and sales staff on the management of receivables.

In addition to the customer through the budget (income and expenditure) and the actual cost of customers and income management, a proper understanding of each customer's contribution to pan-micro, a micro-region's contribution to the pan, a sales department of the pan-micro contributions Sales of the pan a slight contribution. Assessment by clients to the right sales staff, marketing departments and agencies of the performance!

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Monday, August 2, 2010

Why take the lead into the WCDMA 3G cottage field?

Why 3G WCDMA cottage will be the first in the field, not in the TD-SCDMA (hereinafter referred to as "TD") or the field of CDMA? Fu-liang, according to senior analyst, which to some extent the number of users with the relevant standards have a great relationship.

Fu-liang, a cottage confidential must go through three stages before the appearance. The first stage is the initial establishment of the network, this stage can only use centralized purchasing. For example, the previous stage of TD commercial trial will belong. At this stage of the terminal stage of the production companies on the sidelines, and because small-volume, high cost and lack of competitiveness compared with other systems, it is hard sell in the market, operators must focus on procurement, to ensure that part of the terminal partners interests, to promote the growth of the industry chain.

The second phase of the network taking shape for the standard, the relevant end-stage start into the market. Concrete similar to the current TD. Fu-liang, this stage operators to encourage more enterprises to participate in the production end of production, increase product range to better meet consumer needs. At the same time, operators can reduce their own centralized purchasing select their own mistakes in performance and user development.

The third stage, with the deepening of competition results, increasing operator customization, such as the current GSM network, CDMA network. The reason is that operators are looking to the depth of cooperation with the terminal operators to improve the control of the industry chain, the formation of individual brands and differentiated services and improve customer service experience.

Through the first three stages to the fourth stage, the cottage there will be substantial. The reason is a great market demand, offer quick and tough business model to make cottage manufacturers get a larger profit margin. Fu-liang, now GSM mobile phone is at that stage. The WCDMA standard mobile phone will be a lot of "cottage" pay-liang, not just depends on the number of WCDMA users worldwide, while China Unicom in the final analysis depends on the number of users in the country to develop.

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Thursday, July 15, 2010

To-day thinking of a fulcrum, it will hold up the entire dagali

The great Archimedes said: "Give me a fulcrum and I will move the entire planet." Archimedes's ambition to encourage us, his theory has taught us, his knowledge and enlighten us. Use his leverage, we can easily re a lot of things than we are to move up; use of his doctrine, we understand that brute force alone can not solve all the things we have to learn to use all the tools, to find a so We save the fulcrum and lever effort. Dagali Electric Co., Ltd. has been looking for the fulcrum and lever, it recently found a day of thinking, to the days of thinking provides a fulcrum.

Dagali Electric (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. is a foreign-invested enterprises, foreign investment side to the nation. Jing-dong is located in Songjiang District, Shanghai Industrial Zone 2 areas dagali owned land use right of 10,000 square meters, has a self-built factory building 930 square meters and has modern production equipment and complete quality management system, mainly produces all kinds of lamps, light bulbs , inductive and electronic ballasts, lighting electronics and packaging. Dagali production for fluorescent lamps with rapid mounting bracket also obtained national patent, this new frame structure is simple and practical to install, easy to use, quick to complete installation of fluorescent fixtures. The higher is the so-called enterprise will be more difficult to walk away, with the gradual growth of dagali, management gradually increased the difficulty, dagali need to overcome these difficulties, we need to find a fulcrum and lever strong enough to help it.

Fulcrum was dagali soon discovered that the trend of business management information to enable enterprises to enter the automation of management, not only all management problems are resolved, you can also improve enterprise management, improve production efficiency. At this point dagali only one step away from success, and as long as the lever to find a suitable, we can immediately solve the problem. However, the fulcrum is easy to find, hard to find leverage. Faced with an array of management software market, dagali need to find a strong, useful software, which increased for the selection of a lot more difficult. Selection in the long road, dagali partners in the days of thinking are presented in detail below, on the day thinking managers ERP study carried out for some time, day thinking partners to try to show the days of thinking in business management ERP The features and advantages, so dagali clearly see the many days of thinking ERP success stories, and software flexibility and practicality, it fits dagali power of "leverage" requirements. So dagali chosen day thinking, decided to provide a fulcrum to-day thinking, thinking that the root leverage the use of space to the management of another realm.

Days of thinking was the fulcrum, it partners immediately entered the work state, all processes are intensive ongoing. Confirmation from the fulcrum to leverage the installation, consolidation, application and so run in an orderly manner. Dancing days thinking that as long as the root of leverage, dagali will be sprung into another management level.

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Sunday, May 30, 2010

Video to Apple TV converter

Easiestutils Video to AppleTV converter is a powerful, easiest and fastest Video to AppleTV converter application for converting any video format to AppleTV playable movie and video with excellent output quality. You can enjoy your favorite DVD on your AppleTV. With integrated advanced MPEG4 encoder, it is faster than other Video to AppleTV Converter software.
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